Video Marketing


Creates and design video content marketing that will give value, generate leads and promote your products and services.

Email Marketing

SMI Email Marketing system is the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers, consistently winning out over all other marketing channels.

Social Media Marketing

SMI will write data-driven business page copy, customized and that converts to get more leads and make more money.


STart up To scale up 

Virtual Events


We organize and set up on-and-offline virtual events, including conferences, webinars, training, meetings, marketing events, product launch, press conferences, and private events. We also have a credible and professional pool of talented artists and business experts.


SMI will design a program that will make your websites and business pages rank up in search engines

Website Development

SMI will create and manage a professional Website business page to grow your business and have a great online reputation, making your presence online. SMI will design 100% well-curated and eye-catchy content and give you tips on traffic marketing along the way. 

Marketing Software Applications


We continually launch new and innovative applications targeted towards many different ends of the Internet business. Applications that will be supremely useful, Software tools to grow your business.

EBOOK Publishing

Audiobook Creation

We convert your document to an editable source if necessary, rethink the layout for an e-reading device, link the table of contents, and more. This is an important step that determines the overall quality of your own ebook. 


/Digital Courses

Digital Marketing Certifications, Internet Marketing Courses. Customized for your industry.

Social Media Influencers


Social Media Influencers are the best way to connect with your potential audience, authentic content for your own brand and a cost effective way to grow your business.
We Have Influencers From TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & More.